Single product subscription plan

When purchasing our product(s), you are buying a subscription plan. Our Single product subscription plan allows you to obtain a full copy of the product you have bought and further updates when made available until the subscription date expires.

Once you complete our checkout and purchased a product, you will be issued a product key. This product key will be tied to your subscription so please keep it safe. Each time you download a product, you will need to enter your product key into the download form.

After subscription expiration date, you can still continue to use our product in full but it will mean you will no longer have access to download any product or product updates until you renew your product subscription plan.

Our product subscription plan do not come with support. If you require support, please use our community forum

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No, you are not required to register on this site before you can purchase/download our product. Just simply checkout the product you want and when transaction completes successfully, you will be sent an confirmation email.

Once you have confirmed, another email will be sent to you with your unique product key. Copy and paste your product key into our download form and submit the form. Our product will be sent to you in an email as an attachment.

Anyone can purchase or download our product without the need to register on the site.

All our products do not come with support, only 1 year product subscription that allows you to continue to download new updates when made available until your product subscription expires. When your product subscription expires you can continue to use our product but you will have no futrher access to download new updates until you renew your 1 year product subscription plan.

If you require support, we have a community support forum you can use. You do need to register to access our community forum. Signing up and using our commnunity  forum is free of charge. Please do read our forum rules first.

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A product key is a unique key which will allow you to download our product (ie, extension, component, plugin, module). A product key can only be obtain after you have purchased our product.

This product key will be valid until your subscription plan expires.

The product key allows you to download new updates when made available until your subscription plan expires. You may continue to use our product as long as you like but you will not be able to receive any further new updates after your product key has expired.

To continue downloading further updates, you will need to renew your subscription plan by purchasing a new subscription plan.

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To buy a product, just click on the ‘buy now’ button you see in product detail page. This will take you to the product subscription page. Complete the product subscription form and click on the ‘buy now’ button, then complete the Paypal checkout process. Once transaction is completed, you will be issued a product key to be used. You then visit our download page to download your product.

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Once you have a product subscription with a product key. Use the product key on the download form to retrieve your product.

The download form is where you can download any products you have purchased, including new updates so long as the product key remains valid.

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From time to time, we’ll release new updates usually to fix some bugs or add new features. These will normally be announce in our news section. To download these new product updates, visit the download form and enter your valid product key.

Product updates are only downloadable for all customers with a valid one year subscription. If your subscription has expired, you will need to renew your subscription to obtain updates.


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If for some reason you did not receive your confirmation email, please do the following:

  • Enter your product key in our ‘resend Confirmation‘ form at: Hopefully, this time it will work. Also, check in your spam/junk mail. Your email inbox may have accidentally filtered it into junk mail.
  • If the above failed, navigate to our ‘Test email attachment‘ at: and enter a new email address you want to you to receive your confirmation email.
  • If this new email address you tested was successful, then contact us (along with some details of your purchase, ie product key) and let us know what your new email address is. We will update our system to use your new email address. NOTE: Our system only allows emails to be changed 4 times so be very sure it is a working valid email.

We do apologize for any inconvenience of having you to run through some tests. But this is vital to ensure that you can successfully receive our emails to your inbox because at a later stage when you need to download your purchased product again or any new update(s) made available, it will be sent to your email inbox. This will ensure it will work for you at all times until your 1 year product subscription expires.


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If for some unknown reasons you did not receive your download email attachment file after activating your product key and entering this into the download form, please do the following:

  • Check to see if it has accidentally been filtered into your spam/junk mail.
  • Try our ‘Test email attachment‘ at: to see if your email address is working for our system.
  • If the ‘Test email attachment’ fails, then try it with another of your email address that you want to receive your download product with. Enter this new email address in the ‘Test email attachment’ form: and see if it works.
  • If this new email address is successful, then contact us (along with some details of your purchase, ie product key) and tell us which new email address you want to change to. We will update our system to use your new email address. NOTE: Our system only allows emails to be changed 4 times so be very sure it is a working valid email.

We do apologize for any inconvenience of having you to run through some tests. But this is vital to ensure that you can successfully receive our emails to your inbox because at a later stage when you need to download your purchased product again or any new update(s) made available, it will be sent to your email inbox. This will ensure it will work for you at all times until your 1 year product subscription expires.


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The first time you create a RapidGallery instance the module/plugin will automatically try to create the thumbs/slides sub-directories and on some hosting providers this may cause a security permission issue. You simply have to restore the default folder permissions on the RapidGallery folder (and any subfolders).

Some hosting providers (as Aruba) have dedicated server-tools to restore default folders permission.


Rapidgallery is based on floating divs and not tables so it may happen that the height of one (or more) thumbnails actually causes an unwanted “row-break” it all depends on the thumbnail dimensions. Try assigning a fixed thumbnail height (with RapidGallery plugin you can use thumbheight:value).

Also check that your theme/template you are using does not have any CSS styling that may affect the gallery.

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Please check the following in order:

  1. Make sure the module is published.
  2. In the backend module settings make sure that you have chosen and saved a valid folder path containing at least one image file to use for your RapidGallery instance.
  3. Make sure the module is assigned to an existing and visible template position (of the current template) or to a user-defined position visible somewhere.
  4. Make sure that module page visibility (menu-assignment) matches the page where the module should be displayed.
  5. Make sure there’s no custom template css rule hiding gallery module.
  6. When loading a RapidGallery instance are you getting any server-side error as 500 internal server error? Make sure you have (and eventually restore) write permissions on the RapidGallery designated folder and subfolders.
  7. Are you experiencing any client-side javascript error on your page? Make sure you have no javascript errors in your page. Both poorly coded templates or poorly coded extensions may cause fatal Javascript blocking errors which can prevent the correct working behaviour of the whole website and thus the correct rendering of RapidGallery too. Make sure to avoid/fix any Javascript errors you have in your page.
  8. Not a common issue these days but make sure GD2 library for PHP is installed on your server. Check this with your hosting provider.
  9. Make sure you are not running your website under Safe Mode environment. We highly recommend you turn this OFF. Check this with your hosting provider.



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Where exactly are you trying to use the RapidGallery content plugin? Joomla content plugins are intended for standard Joomla content (i.e. as Articles). If you’re trying to use the plugin into a custom Module and/custom component or plain text areas which don’t trigger Joomla plugins then it’s normal seeing the uninterpreted plugin code syntax; as you’re using it in the wrong place.

Here are some frequent misconceptions: Joomla 1.5 custom HTML module does NOT trigger ANY Joomla content plugin. Virtuemart product SHORT description field is just a plain text field and it does NOT trigger ANY Joomla content plugin.

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If you’re REALLY sure that you have no errors both on server-side and client-side (i.e. no http 500 server-errors and no Javascript errors) you should check if actually the webserver is sending back an http response (you may easily check it with Firebug or any other http monitor tool).

It may happen you’re trying to do image-working on too big image files considering your server memory limit.

RapidGallery can work with a minimum limit of 32 MB (which is quite low today) however the bigger are your image files and the bigger should be the amount of memory needed (i.e. when I say “big” I am not referring to image resolution, I’m talking about real file size on the system. For example you cannot resize and apply effects to image files of some Megabytes if you have a low memory limit on your server).

You can check your server memory limit in Joomla backend by accessing the System info. In such cases you should better resize only such very big image files only once offline with a Desktop application and re-upload it into your RapidGallery folder with a lower size.

In general on the web it is recommended having images of no more than 1MB.

Often you can increase php memory limits by overriding the php.ini file. Please refer to your web hosting company for more details, they should be able to advice you on this about their own servers.

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Of course you can, don’t worry about that. RapidGallery is designed to be conflictless with other javascript libraries and/or extensions.

If you already have jQuery, then RapidGallery will detect it and it won’t be loaded twice. In some cases, some skins may require a specific jquery version to work, in such rare cases RapidGallery will load required version without causing conflicts and without overriding your current jquery loaded version.

Tags: jquery

Of course it works! We don’t use Flash. You’ll see that some skins are better than others when dealing with mobile environment. Select the most suitable skin for your needs.

Tags: mobile

We always work to make it compatible with the latest Joomla version. At the moment RapidGallery is compatible with ANY Joomla version >= 1.5

Only the old Joomla 1.0 is unsupported and that is the same for all our Joomla! extensions available on this website.

Tags: version compatibilty

Simply install it using the standard Extensions Manager of Joomla backend without uninstalling actual version. It will update all the required files preserving your current settings.

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It’s very easy! In RapidGallery backend run the Index Manager for the selected gallery and on the left you’ll see a dropdown list with a wide set of pre-defined sorting criteria.

If you’re unsatisfied with the predefined criteria just drag & drop any row up/down to define your custom order and Save it.

Tags: ordering

In RapidGallery backend run the Index Manager for the selected gallery and you’ll see a row with a text field for each image in the folder. Just write the desired descriptions in any text field and save your settings.

Tags: management

Make sure that your image files contains no special symbols in their file name. It is recommended to use UTF-8 characters.

Try renaming image files with standard characters set, clean RapidGallery cache in backend and let RapidGallery regenerate gallery structure.

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This is a rare misconfiguration of your PHP environment. Your phpinfo actually reports you have GD support but several key features of GD2 will not be available if it is installed as an extension and not compiled with PHP.

Let your host know you need PHP compiled with a bundled version of GD2.

You may also check the following link:

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It is highly recommended to have at least 64M of memory for PHP processes. In the majority of cases, almost all hosting providers already provide such memory amount or more. According to the file size of your images it may be required more memory.

To check how much memory is granted for PHP on your server you may check it directly in Joomla backend clicking on Help -> System info, then “PHP info” and searching for the parameter memory_limit

Here are a couple of common ways to increase the memory_limit as these are the general way web hosting servers have been setup and configured:

1) Use of php.ini file to override the settings:

  • create a file and name it php.ini
  • in this file added this line: memory_limit = 64M
  • upload this file to your webroot

2) using .htaccess file to override the settings:

  • open up your Joomla! .htaccess file (you can find this in your Joomla installation)
  • If you do not have this file, in your Joomla! installation there should be a file named htaccess.txt
  • Rename this htaccess.txt to .htaccess
  • open up .htaccess file and add this line to the top of your .htaccess file: php_value memory_limit 64M

If both of these methods failed then please contact your hosting provider to ask if overriding PHP settings config is allowed. If is it, they should be able to advise you on this depending on their own server setup and configurations.


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It could be that you are running sh404SEF extension ( Please disable security features in the extension.


Tags: 404 error

Invalid Checksum is a security checksum performed by RapidGallery content plugin to make sure that no gallery parameters are altered. When you get this, it is most probably because of accidentally pasted HTML fragments in your WYSIWYG editor included in your {rapidgallery} tag.

To fix this, disable your WYSIWYG editor and remove any HTML markup inside your {rapidgallery} tag.

Tags: Invalid Checksum

Rapid1pixelout Pro 3

You can only render a plugin in content item not module, this is standard in Joomla!. If you want this behavior you can try using a 3rd party extension to help render content items in modules. Try these extensions (they have been reported to work for this purpose):

NOTE: remember to set in your module basic options –> Prepare content to Yes


Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
Tags: content

Please double check that there isn’t any other markup mixed up with the {audio} tag. If there is, remove these unwanted markup. You can check this by, disabling the WYSIWYG editor.

This isn’t a bug, it’s just the way the WYSIWYG editor tries to markup and format your text depending on how you some times format your content.

Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
Tags: content

Simply install it using the standard Extensions Manager of Joomla backend without uninstalling actual version. It will update all the required files preserving your current settings.

Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
Tags: update extension

When you see a similar error message like the one shown below:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONST, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /plugins/content/1pixeloutaudioplayer.php on line 19

This means that you are most probably still running PHP4. Unfortunately, we do not support this outdated PHP version so you must run PHP 5 or higher in order for our Joomla! extensions to work.

All web hosting companies these days should now support PHP5. Ask you web hosting provider to enable PHP5 support for your website.

Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
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To upgrade from 1Pixelout Player 2.3 to Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro, you will need to uninstall the previous version and then install the new version.

Don’t worry about your old audio tags in your content, it will still remain and will still work after new Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro has been installed.

Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
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On mobile devices (not just iPhone/iPad) HTML5 media auto-play is not allowed by the system because of the potential high traffic volume that may be expensive depending on your data tariff plan.

It is the same for HTML5 audio and video. Android adopts the same policy, therefore, a manual interaction is required in such cases.


Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
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The integration between Rapid1Pixelout Pro and Kunena forum is very simple and fully automated, it is not even required to use any inline syntax. Simply any mp3 attachment in a post will automatically be turned into an audio player instance.

  • Make sure you have the Pro version of Rapid1Pixelout
  • Make sure Rapid1Pixelout Pro is correctly installed and activated
  • Make sure that in Kunena config you’re allowed to attach mp3 files
  • DO NOT use any {audio}…{/audio} syntax inside of any Kunena posts
  • Make sure that Kunena settings are parsing and executing Joomla Content Plugins. You’ll have to open Extensions -> Plugin Manager, then search for a System Plugin called “System – Kunena Forum”, open its settings and here you’ll have the option to enable the support for Joomla Content Plugins (and so Rapid1Pixelout Pro as well)
  • Make sure your website does not have any fatal Javascript error that might prevent Rapid1Pixelout to work properly


Rapid1pixelout Pro 3
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If you see an error message like:

JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected

This is a folder permission which is a common issue within Joomla. It’s not related to our extensions itself. You should get the same error installing other extensions/templates too. Make sure your environment has the right folder permissions. Usually in such cases you just need to properly set the correct paths for $log_path and $tmp_path.

For further reading:…

Tags: modules | plugins

We do not support this outdated version since it is not officially support by the Joomla! core team anymore.

Joomla 1.0.x has already reached end of life on July 22, 2009.

Tags: joomla

It is not recommended to run a website under Safe Mode = ON environment. This can cause many issues like files/directories permissions and ownership.

If your web server is properly configured and secured, you should have no reason to run under Safe Mode. It is also not a recommend way to secure a website.

Further reading:‘t_you_use_PHP_safe_mode%3F


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All our products have been tested fully to ensure it is stable enough before we release it to our customers but on very rare occasions a bug can slip through the net.

In an ideal world, every developer and company would love their products to be bug-free. Unfortunately this isn’t the case but when we do find a bug we are comitted to fix and test it before releasing a new update as soon as possible.

If you genuinely believe there might be a bug in our product that we haven’t yet discovered, please email us on or use our contact form (select ‘bug report’ under category). Provide as much details as possible and try to explain what you did to encounter the bug. This will help us to quickly catch the bug and release a new update.

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Sorry we do not provide any commercial free support on any of our products. However, we have setup a community forum for everyone (ie customers and non-customers) to use. Please do read our forum rules before you begin posting in the forum.

Our product are well documented in our demo section of the site so hopefully that is enough to get you started.


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Absolutely not! We do not endorse any hidden advertisements or hidden backlinks in all our products (non-commercial or commercial).

We are aware some other companies do and this is bad practice and downright deceitful.