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Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro

Rapid1Pixelout Pro 3
Latest version:

Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro

Simple, elegant and highly customizable MP3 Flash player for Joomla!

Price: £2.00 GBP ( Pro 3 subscription for 1 year)
Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3.x


  • Embed audio player everywhere in your Joomla! content
  • Fully customizable small player, customize width and/or colours (using colour picker tool)
  • Automatically detect ID3 song data to display title and/or artist
  • You can override ID3 data to display a custom artist name/song title
  • Play local audio files as well as remote audio files on a different web server
  • Handle several multiple instances
  • Can embed whole directories of mp3 files using wildcard paths into Rapid1Pixelout syntax
  • Can add multiple songs into a single instance having a playlist with prev/next buttons
  • Enable/disable download functionality to let users download a specific song
  • Ideal for streaming audio/mpeg stream sources (i.e. web radio)
  • Can be tied to Google Analytics to have full statistics of songs play
  • Works with iPhone and iPad (using HTML 5)
  • Tested compatibility with: FLEXIContent, Virtuemart, Kunena Forum, jSeblod CCK
  • Translation for different languages (en/it/fr/de/es/nl/no/pl/pt/ru/se)
  • Supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Social sharing buttons (such as Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and a few more others) to share what are you listening to on all the major networks



Web browser compatibility:

  • IE 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera


This product is licensed under the GPL v3.0

Rapid1Pixelout - Downloadable tracks and Social bookmarks
Rapid1Pixelout - HTML5 audio player options
Rapid1Pixelout -  - Plugin Manager
Rapid1Pixelout - Audio tags in Joomla! content item

Questions & Answers

How do i upgrade from 1Pixelout Player 2.3 to Rapid1Pixel 3 Pro?
You need to uninstall 1Pixeoul Player 2.3 and install Rapid1Pixel 3 Pro. Do not worry, you will not lose your existing audio tags in content. For further info, read our FAQ

What can Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro be used for?

  • Music band artist website
  • Personal music fanpage website
  • Music review site
  • Music store with demo tracks
  • Blog site

Is there a button for JCK Editor to easily insert the audio tag into content?
Yes, please read our blog post: JCK Editor bridge plugin for Rapid1plxelout Player

Do your product subscription comes with support?
Our product subscription is for 1 year and does not include support. If you need support, we have a community forum. It is free to register and use.

Can your products be used unlimited times on an unlimited number of websites?
Yes, please read our terms of services - under 'Unlimited use granted'.

Do your product contain any hidden advertising or backlinks to your website?
No, see our FAQ for more details.

Please review or rate Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro on Joomla! Extensions Directory

Excellent Plugin
22 Sep 2014

The plugin is very easy to configure. Everything is very well explained in the plugins description and also on the developers website. A very easy to understand extension and very powerful! Thanks to the developer team, great work!

Great plugin and great support
12 Mar 2014

Our company provides websites for all types of business and we run the website for one of the largest English Language radio stations in Spain and our main requirement was to have a plugin that worked well on PC/Mac but also with HTML5 fallback for Android/iPhone and iPad. We reviewed several components and found this plugin to be the best, both in terms of functionality and support. Before purchase, I e-mailed the developers of the various plugins on offer to see if I received a timely response. These guys got back to me right away in any case were the only ones to reply at all.

The plugin delivers exactly what it claims and is extremely easy to use. We had a couple of questions and each time they were dealt with quickly and politely. If you run a professional website and need an audio plugin that just works and looks elegant, then look no further. It's very competitively priced and includes full support and upgrades for a year. The plugin continues to work even once this support period has expired.

A good example of people who know what they are doing. Thank you very much for your help.

Perfect player
5 Feb 2014

Finally, a player with a very low cost for iPhone. Support fast and very friendly, it is perfect!

The Player that Tamed the iPad
3 Feb 2014

When you create sites for musicians, having music which will only play on certain platforms is a disaster. Of the numerous players I have tried, this was the only one able to deliver across all platforms I tested with only one file-set. Simple and elegant.

Excellent Extension & Support
9 Apr 2013

I had an issue with a javascript conflict and they promptly assisted me in fixing the issue and applied a fix for the future releases of the plugin. Was very satisfied with how easy it installs and works as it is described. The outgoing support is what I appreciate the most though, as I know it is practically impossible to create an extension that flawlessly works with all templates and extensions.

Multiple players
12 Mar 2013

When I realized there were a lot of compatibility issues with different browsers, device types and plugins, I decided to use this plugin. It is Flash-based but falls back to HTML5 if there is no Flash support (phones), and back even further if there is no HTML5. I decided to try 6 sound track samples in my article, and was completely surprised when the players not only all worked but if you click on a player, any other that is already playing will gracefully stop. By adjusting the width down a bit, I was able to insert text beside the player, to indicate what the selection was. Bonus.