rapidaudioplayer_v3_0Simple, elegant and highly customizable MP3 Flash player for Joomla!

Price: £3.99 GBP ( Pro 3 subscription for 1 year)


  • Embed audio player everywhere in your Joomla! content
  • Fully customizable small player, customize width and/or colours (using colour picker tool)
  • Automatically detect ID3 song data to display title and/or artist
  • You can override ID3 data to display a custom artist name/song title
  • Play local audio files as well as remote audio files on a different web server
  • Handle several multiple instances
  • Can embed whole directories of mp3 files using wildcard paths into Rapid1Pixelout syntax
  • Can add multiple songs into a single instance having a playlist with prev/next buttons
  • Enable/disable download functionality to let users download a specific song
  • Ideal for streaming audio/mpeg stream sources (i.e. web radio)
  • Can be tied to Google Analytics to have full statistics of songs play
  • Works with iPhone and iPad (using HTML 5)
  • Tested compatibility with: FLEXIContent, Virtuemart, Kunena Forum, jSeblod CCK
  • Translation for different languages (en/it/fr/de/es/nl/no/pl/pt/ru/se)
  • Supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Social sharing buttons (such as Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and a few more others) to share what are you listening to on all the major networks


Web browser compatibility:

  • IE 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera


This product is licensed under the GPL v3.0

Questions & Answers

How do i upgrade from 1Pixelout Player 2.3 to Rapid1Pixel 3 Pro?
You need to uninstall 1Pixeoul Player 2.3 and install Rapid1Pixel 3 Pro. Do not worry, you will not lose your existing audio tags in content. For further info, read our FAQ

What can Rapid1Pixelout 3 Pro be used for?

  • Music band artist website
  • Personal music fanpage website
  • Music review site
  • Music store with demo tracks
  • Blog site

Is there a button for JCK Editor to easily insert the audio tag into content?
Yes, please read our blog post: JCK Editor bridge plugin for Rapid1plxelout Player

Do your product subscription comes with support?
Our product subscription is for 1 year and does not include support. If you need support, we have a community forum. It is free to register and use.

Can your products be used unlimited times on an unlimited number of websites?
Yes, please read our terms of services – under ‘Unlimited use granted’.

Do your product contain any hidden advertising or backlinks to your website?
No, see our FAQ for more details.